A perfect eye height can reduce your neck fatigue, back pain and eye strain. Very convenient for working at home, office and outdoors.

Full protection: The large surface of the silicone cushion improves the stability of the overall placement. The bottom of the holder is equipped with 4 non-slip silicone pads, the top is equipped with 3 strip-shaped non-slip silicone pads and the hook is equipped with 2 non-slip silicone pads and protects your device from scratches or slipping.

Ventilation and heat dissipation: the open design provides better ventilation and more air flow to cool your laptop during operation, than if it is only flat on the table. To avoid overheating and falls.

Portable and foldable: lightweight and can be folded. It is compact enough, it comes with a storage bag to put on your backpack or handbag. Ideal for people who work a lot in the office or are on business trips.

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