Feel your music: At the heart of Beats Solo3 is the award-winning Beats sound. This headset has fine-tuned sound quality, provides premium playback, and maximizes clarity, width, and balance.



All-day playback: Beats Solo3 provides up to 40 hours of battery life, which are driven by the efficiency of the Apple W1 chip. Integrated earhook control plus dual beam forming microphones allow you to answer calls, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri on the go

Customized comfort: The ear-hook cushioning earmuffs are adjustable, so you can customize the size that suits you, allowing you to listen comfortably throughout the day. Comfortable earmuffs can cushion external noise and bring immersive sound quality, allowing you to experience music in the original way of listening.

Driven by the APPLE W1 chip: combined with the efficient W1 chip to provide seamless settings and switching for your Apple devices, battery life up to 40 hours, fast fuel technology, 5 minutes of charging, 3 hours of use

Note: These are wired headphones, not wireless

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